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Friday Fibs Part 8

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
So, here's the thing. It's getting harder and harder to think of lies I have told in the past. When I made a resolution to be more honest, I guess I really meant it.

We can blame pregnancy brain if we want (but really we can't), but I cannot for the life of me remember another time that I told a funny lie.

You know who DID tell a funny lie though? My girl Peyton over at Stories of a Mean Mom. And I highly, HIGHLY reccommend you jump over there and read all about her not-so-adventures with peanut butter found here

In fact, I just had an idea... go with me here.
What IF you guys emailed me funny lie stories and that way I can feature your story (you can be anonymous if you want haha) every Friday and Friday Fibs can live on? I would love to hear that I'm not the only one who sometimes finds it simplier to just stretch the truth a little. Let me know if that's something you'd want to do. And if you have a story, email me at