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Hello... Gorgeous! (Gender Reveal Party)

"Celebrations"Carrie Lynn5 Comments
Yup. I threw a party for my unborn child. 

Call me crazy. 

I'm the worst with surprises, so baby #2 will know later just how special this was. I wanted it to be special. I haven't taken belly photos or thought about this pregnancy 24/7 like I did with my first one. I felt kind of bad about that. So I threw a party in honor of this little baby instead :)

 But for real, you guys. I hate surprises. I always try and look at my presents before Christmas... at 27. I was hoping to catch a peak of the gender during the ultrasound, or hold the envelope up to the light or something. The ultrasound technician made me close my eyes while he verified the gender! And I DID! I was so strong.
Then, I took the envelope to a balloon place where the girl was all kinds of confused as I explained it to her.
"I don't get the game..."
Once I explained it again, she looked at me wide-eyed and cried: "You mean YOU don't even know the gender?!" I told her it's only her and the ultrasound guy who would know before 7pm that night. She was honored and felt the need to introduce herself since blowing up balloons suddenly became more personal.

I drove home with a box full of balloons that were either red (girl), or blue (boy). Inside the box was also the envelope with the information so I really couldn't cheat!

Okay, okay, on to the party:

I worked with the talented Kathy from Tickled Peach Studio (I think I might use her for every party I ever have) to create what I wanted. If you haven't given Kathy your business yet, I would highly suggest going over there right now and buying something from her. She's amazing. You can find the invitation we made (here).

For the food, I had these epic s'mores cupcakes planned but the frosting was a disaster and we ran out of time. That's why we quickly threw a dollop of marshmallow cream under some chocolate frosting haha! Everyone said the graham cracker crust was what made it good so I was happy.
I also made my first ever pie pops with the maker I got for Christmas! I threw in some strawberries, bananas and pineapple on sticks. And the day before the party I found these raspberry swirls at Costco (like the cinnamon swirls I love) and knew I had to have them!

My favorite part of the table, though were the Jones Sodas. I had to search high and low for these babies, but I was DETERMINED! So happy with the adorable wrappers too!

Because we are slightly ridiculous (and also hilarious), we had a voting station. Yup. Complete with stickers that everyone could proudly wear. Everyone loves an "I voted" sticker, right?

When it was time to open the box of balloons they SHOT out so fast! I was worried about the "high float" wearing off by the party, but that stuff does not mess around! The balloons are STILL floating high in my living room! Also, the kids loved this. LOVED it.
I was totally shocked by it being a girl. I was sure it was a boy! Scott AND Georgia said girl, so I probably should have listened to them. I am beyond thrilled (of course) and can't wait to play with another funny little girl! Scott used the word "relieved." Haha!

I threw this in here because it made me laugh! On the left, we have Miss June Bug reaching for her mom behind the camera. On the right, you have me- apparently giving a discourse of some kind. 

I was surprised by the amount of people who came. I mean, we didn't invite a million, but it's kind of an odd party theme and it was so fun to find out this special thing with family and friends. Thank you to all who came! We love you!

And a big thanks to Anna, who, you guessed it, took all of the photos.

We can't wait to meet our new little girl in July :)