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Carrie Lynn4 Comments

You guys.
I am the worst with grammar.
Isn't that awful? I mean, I ENJOY blogging and I even take the time to check if I have used proper grammar. I really do! I freaking proof-read and the mistakes seem to never end.

I have friends who are grammar snobs and I am so jealous of them. They have taken college classes dedicated to the subject and they just know what they are doing. They have blogs posts that have no mistakes.

Me? I go back and read old blog posts and I just cringe. I find "your" instead of "you're" sometimes! Sick! I've said peak instead of peek! One time, someone mentioned on Facebook that I had a grammatical error in my TITLE. He said he felt bad for pointing it out but I was grateful! ... I mean, I felt like an idiot but I was grateful I could change it.

I honestly have no idea what I am even doing with my commas anymore. 

Is there a way to fix this? Is there some basic-grammar-for-adults website that isn't an overwhelming college course? I would like to take that.

Meanwhile, I hope your red pens are not running out of ink and that the messages/emotions I am trying to get across on my blog are actually coming across.