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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

a stream of consciousness in list form

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Do you ever get overwhelmed by what's on your mind? I can get annoyed by the over-use of ecards, but this one had me laughing because it was so stinking true. Not only do I have that never ending list of reminders constantly scrolling at the front of my brain, but I also find myself flooded with ideas, annoyances, social injustices, beauty and insight. So much to talk about! I am not good at turning my brain off and as I have gotten older, it has become increasingly hard to sleep. Yoga sometimes helps, but if I can't get my brain to slow down I usually leave the practice feeling like it was a waste of time. Time I could have spent checking something off of my list. See?

Things On My Mind 

(a stream of consciousness in list form): 

-Any and all things that have to do with maintaining/organizing our apartment. This list is about 3 miles long and enough for me to want to take medication, slip into a coma, and hope that someone will just do it all for me. It takes up the most time and space in my brain when I am alone.
-How to allow Georgia to be a busy toddler, but still make sure that she doesn't dive into a lake or get kidnapped. This is on my mind most of the time. Like, 98% of the time.
-Marriage stuff.
-Becoming a stay at home mom has made me feel equally the like the most important person in the world and the most worthless person in the world.
-The discovery that I don't normally feel things in the in between
-Mommy culture and all of the weird WEIRD things in it.
-I wish I lived next door to a polygamist family. Not like, Warren Jeff's polygamists. Like Daybreak, Utah polygamists. Or something.
-I'm really clueless about polygamist families but I really don't want to watch Sister Wives because it gives me anxiety.
-Pinterest is becoming crazy. There are some weirdo ideas on there. My theory is basic capitalism. People want traffic to their blog, so they try to come with something "unique" and then market it as "if you don't do this, you're failing as a mom." It sure does spark creativity, though. Which is good.
-Sometimes I watch Georgia literally run in circles around our apartment screaming in happiness really loud and really crazy. When that happens, the baby kicks really hard and really fast and I fear for my life in 3 months because it's going to be insane up in here.
-Scott says Georgia has a mental illness where she literally can't stop herself from playing. If you are around her for more than an hour, you would see this. She's not like this at home as much. She will ask to take a nap at home. But if we were away from home, she would never stop. I can call out when she's tired but most people would never know because she just keeps going.
-My father-in-law told me that when Scott was 5, he would run around parties until he threw up. And then he would continue to play. So I guess this "mental illness" runs in the family.
-I'm gonna stop here because I could go all night.