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Babies Make Me Happy

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
I love baby product commercials. LOVE them. It's embarrassing. But when I'm all annoyed with advertising interuppting my show, all is forgiven if there is an adorable baby blinking their big eyes at me telling to buy something. I think every commercial should feature babies.

Here are three that I watched, and then looked up YouTube so I could watch them over and over again.
(and yes, I have seen the one with dancing babies, but I'm more a fan of emotion-inducing-makes-me-want-to-adopt-a-country-of-babies stuff).

Georgia also loves babies. "Loves" is a gross understatement, but I can't think of a better word at the moment. In fact, we watch that Babies documentary at our house all the time. ALL the time. But when I don't feel like having that on all day, we just watch the trailer.

And speaking of Georgia, here is a video of her saying cute things. Yes, I DO say "anything else we need to get on tape" as though I am recording her with a VHS camcorder instead of an Iphone.
I'm a '90's kid.
I'm also the worst at remembering to turn my phone sideways while recording. Meh.