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Baby's First Stand Up.

Carrie LynnComment

One thing I love about Georgia is that she is funny. Not like, she "does/says funny things." I mean, she does, but it's more than that. She really, TRULY wants to make people laugh. I will never forget the first time she laughed so hard she cried. She was 6 months old, and I made a raspberry (farting) sound with my mouth. Georgie was belly laughing so hard for so long that I was able to catch it on video and I'm so glad I did.

Because at 6 months old, she was trying to imitate what she thought was so hilarious. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will tell me that this isn't unique or new. They'll tell me that every baby does this or something, but I don't care. At 6 months, I knew we had a comedian on our hands.

So it shouldn't surprise me that she came up with a new "joke" yesterday. A while ago, we told Georgia to tell her Uncle Kade "no no!" about something. She obediently turned to him, and, with a single finger waving disapprovingly, shouted: "No no, Kade!"

Of course we all thought this was hilarious.

Georgia will sometimes be sitting in her car seat and out of nowhere will shout out "No no, Kade!" probably in an effort to make us laugh like we did the first time. But yesterday, as we gave her weak smiles, she changed the joke.

"No no... (mischievous grin)... Daddy!"

We of course, did our duty as parents and erupted into laughter and she was thrilled with our reaction. So she would say "No no ______" and fill in a list of people she knew, laughing as hard as we were with every line.

I get that to strangers, this isn't the most hilarious story I could tell about my 22 month old. But to me, it is special. I consider this the first time Georgia told an original joke, and, in my opinion, that is well worth documenting. It also makes me pretty dang proud.