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Water Week

Carrie Lynn1 Comment

I promise that Georgia ENJOYS being in the pool. She just doesn't like to show it in pictures.

Monday: Swimming with cousins in their backyard blow up pool. The bath tub level water was perfect for Georgia to jump in and out of. There was some frustration with the technical aspects of a water shooter, but overall a success. Especially when the crackers and apple slices were brought out.

Tuesday: Swimming with friends at their neighborhood pool. Georgia decided she knew how to swim and made a few people gasp when she dove head first out of my arms. She also thought she could dive in to the little kid pool without swallowing water. While this was a bit stressful, it was all in all really fun. I bought her a puddle jumper that night.

This is Brynlee in a puddle jumper. I didn't get a picture of Georgia in hers, but I wanted to give some idea of what it was. Also, Brynlee is cute. 
Wednesday: Playgroup was at a splash pad on the windiest and coldest day of the week. I mean, it wasn't COLD. But when you're running around in fountains and the wind is blowing, and you're 23 lbs you get cold. Georgia spent playgroup crying, scraping her knee, crying some more, cuddling in a towel, playing in the water and then crying again. I loved the cuddling though. She doesn't do that when she's warm.

Thursday: After an entire day of hearing "swimming? wa-wa play? swimming? swim suit?" I was ecstatic when Stacy called for a last minute dip in the pool. The puddle jumper proved to be worth every single penny and it was by far the most relaxing time.  Me and my big old pregnant self are big fans of the pool and feeling weightless. It is very difficult for me to feel weightless anymore.

Friday: There was no swimming or pool or splash pad this day... at first. Then, around 7:30pm, when Georgia was kind of acting tired and my ribs and back starting feeling gravity, I insisted we all go to the pool. Scott being with me made things 50 times less stressful than going by myself. Georgia's puddle jumper (did I mention that yet?) made it another 50 times less stressful. Which means I was 100% relaxed.
And that is a good way to end the week.