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Forgotten Zen

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
My due date was yesterday.
I have found that I have been avoiding blogging because all I think to talk about is how pregnant I am and that is boring.

Scott's family reunion was this weekend here in Utah and we were able to go to a little bit of it. Georgia was in heaven and has since been begging for "cousins" and to play with her Uncle Mark. She also got to bed before 10pm for like the first time in the past few days. Toddler paradise.
While I loved seeing everyone I was pretty tired the whole time but I felt like it was important to go to as much as I could if only for Scott. He works so hard and I just wanted him to be able to have FUN before he has a second kid! From the looks on his face during the Minute to Win it competition, I'm pretty sure he did.

In other news, today I wore a different color of the same shirt I have been wearing non-stop all week. Seriously, it's the most comfortable shirt of all time and I think it's worth talking about.

Also today, Scott took Georgia to one last reunion thing and I ate chocolate ice cream and did yoga and took deep breaths and a nap. The best part of my nap was waking up to a quiet house. I never realized how much BETTER a nap can be overall when you are not woken up by hands pounding on your door yelling "Mommy!" or a little 2 year old finger poking you in the eye. Walking around post nap in the silence of my apartment was a whole new level of zen that I had forgotten about. I'm glad I could fit it in while I could.