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Half a Summer

Carrie Lynn3 Comments
I feel like being due at the end of July makes summer feel like it is cut in half. I mean, it is- for the best reason. Still, I get a little anxious. I wanted to make sure that this summer was soaked up in every way (to the best of my waddling abilities).

So when my parents came down to visit for the fourth of July, I was in heaven. We watched fireworks from my apartment lawn. We watched a small town parade, ate burgers and fruit, swam at the Pineview Reservoir. My family went on a day hike while Georgia and I went swimming with friends. Scott rode his new bike to and from work. There were typical Sylvester-things like trips to Costco and watching a movie while everyone else fell asleep. There was a 35% successful trip to the Pioneer museum (tired baby) and more burgers.

I feel like Ruthie can come now. I want her to come and enjoy the summer with us. We may not be able to do all of the same things, but I'll be damned if I don't rock her in a hammock before September.