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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

New Lobster Bag, Etsy Finds, Etsy Front Page

Carrie Lynn1 Comment
So, we have a new bag in the shop. It's a cute little lobster guy who has yet to be named. He traveled with Anna all the way to North Carolina over the 4th of July to be photographed and it just seems like too much of a shame to only have you see the 4 pictures I had to choose for the Etsy listing. So here are all of them, for your viewing pleasure. 

And no, she didn't build the sand castle for the photo shoot. She FOUND it. Which to me, is all the more impressive and awesome. I love these photos :)

In other Etsy news, our Deep in the Heart of Texas bag was featured top row center in the Etsy Finds email on July 4th! We just thought Texans must be extra patriotic buying up that bag on the 4th. We had no idea we were featured, but when we found out we were doing happy dances. 

THEN, on July 6th, our Seeker of Happiness bag was featured as the FIRST handpicked item on the Etsy Front page! Of course, we missed it (it was only up for an hour) but we were thrilled none the less.

We gotta hand it all to Anna- without her awesome photography skills there's no way we would have been featured. You should hire her.