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8 Things While 28

Carrie Lynn10 Comments

So, this last year I only completed six of the goals I had set for myself to do while 27. No good. With a toddler and being pregnant 27 kind of overwhelmed me. And now, with an even more active toddler and newborn, 28 is overwhelming me. So I decided to shorten the list to 8 things to do while 28. Hopefully I can manage.

It's all about simplifying, right? Someone validate me!

The couches we have now are from our first year of marriage. They were garage sale couches that used to be used in student housing at BYU-Idaho. Scott promised that since they were so cheap they could be "college couches" meaning we could get real, grown-up couches later. It is later and want them. I will make this happen!

Georgia got one, so Ruthie needs one too. I think 1st birthdays are a big deal. I think it's a celebration for everyone in the family. "Hey look! We got through a whole year!"

This is a life goal that seems so simple and yet I have never done it. 

My friend Krista had this on her birthday goal list last year and I loved it. My lips have been pretty nude lately and I want something I can just throw on them so that when I'm not wearing make-up, my lip color will still flatter my face. 

I got to 15 last year. Even though I will probably have even less time to read this year, this goal pushes me to read, read, read. 

This will be long and hard but I am going to do it! 20lbs lighter, here I come!

Again, a life goal you would THINK would be simple. This has to be done. 

I only got through two months last year and then I think the holidays happened. I am excited to try again though. 

Other goals not listed but I wouldn't mind doing:
Go on a star-gazing date, learn a new craft, re-do my bookshelf, play a hymn on the piano with both hands, throw a Christmas party. JUGGLE!