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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Goal Report. Ouch.

Carrie Lynn4 Comments

To be honest, I didn't complete too many of my goals this year. When I look back on the past year there is one word that sums it up: tired. I have been so, so tired. To my credit, 10 months out of the last 12 have been me pregnant or with a newborn so there is a reason. 

Also to my credit: I made a person. 
I'm pretty sure that trumps the rest of these goals.  

But for reals, I only did 6. Out of 27. 


Anyway, here's my list from last year. The ones I completed are in red. 

1. Finish that rocking chair
(My father-in-law actually did this for me as a Christmas gift, but I'm totally counting it)

2. Smash a pie in someones face
(Sad that this was a pretty simple one that didn't get done)

3. Take Little Treetops to "the next level" haha!
(I think the amount Little Treetops has grown this year speaks for itself. Also the fact that I quit consistently working on Little Treetops and now only show up for input here and there says something about it's growth)

4. Get family pictures taken*
(They were cute. You can see them here. Gotta get some more done soon now that there's 2 littles in the family)

5. Take an IQ test
(In my defense, this one is more complicated than you think. You have to make sure it's certified and it costs money. I think I looked into it for a day and gave up)

6. Keep personal and spiritual goals
(I may have been tired, but I read my scriptures every day)

7. Juggle.
(Dang. Put it on the list for NEXT year. I think that's what? Four years I haven't done it now?)

8. Ride a bicycle built for two
(By the time the weather was good enough for this, I was pretty stinking pregnant)

9. Visit a National Park I have never been to
(Ok, so I went to Yellowstone where I have been a hundred times. But I'm counting it because it's a really big deal that I went to ANY National Park this year)

10. Be featured on Hostess With the Mostess**
(You can see it here)

11. Read 30 books and record what ones they are
(I only got to 15 (the lowest in a few years). You can see what ones they were and other books I recommend here)

12. Get a yoga membership

13. Reach my goal weight

14. Learn a new craft (metal stamping, maybe)
(Not at all. Unless you count reorganizing my craft stuff and packing it away from the toddler as a new craft). 

15. Let go of 100 Balloons at one time
(This is too time consuming. Also, littering. Still want to do it one day though)

16. Go on a star-gazing date
(I'm kind of really mad this one never happened. Would have been so easy)

17. Paint my bookshelf black
(Yeah right)

18. Ride in a hot-air balloon OR bungee jump
(A year ago, was I just made of money when I put this list together?!)

19. Build a legit igloo
(During the winter I was super nauseous. Also, hard to do with Georgia when the "yard" in our apartment complex is pretty much a parking lot. Further, igloos take time. No, I didn't do it)

20. Complete a "wreck this journal"
(Again, a pretty easy goal but I never bought one)

21.Join a choir
(I had the best intentions to join my church choir but sleep and breakfast took first priority. One day)

22. Play a hymn on the piano with both hands
(Not this year)

23. Own a freaking Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag.
(I now own TWO of these bags and a travel case. And no, I did NOT pay full price for any of it. I love them)

24. Visit the Timp Caves
(Again, pregnancy hindered this later on)

25.Go to the Swiss festival 
(Maybe next time)

26. Do a Random Act of Kindness at least once a month
(I don't think I did this. Which is sad)

27. Keep a gratitude journal- everyday for the entire year.
(I got through November)