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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts


Carrie Lynn1 Comment

I really love the city. Downtown's make me feel important. I don't mind the traffic if it means I'm going to a theatre or to work or to shop local boutiques. I love late summer nights when the weather is perfect and there are fountains and street art. I like having a hard time deciding where to go eat because there are too many good places to choose from. I like the sight of a Capitol building. I like colorful sunsets even though I know what it means.

But I wouldn't want to live in the city. There are too many things that make it not worth it. Like the cost of rent/housing and the idea of apartment living with small kids. Strollers up and down subway stairs? Forget it.

I also really love small, country towns. I love the fresh air and quiet nights. I love having to rely on your family and friends for entertainment. I love the creativity it sparks and how relationships deepen when there's simply "nothing to do." I love that it's usually pretty safe, crime wise. I like the closeness of the community- the guarentee that the man at the check-out will know your name. I love the views.

But I wouldn't want to live in the country. I'd miss the cultural experiences of theatre and art. I hate to admit it, but I would be bummed if I didn't get more than one TV channel and radio station. I would hate to get inspired by something on line and only have one or two stores that could supply half of what I need. I'd hate to constantly pay the shipping for the other half from online shopping. I'd hate being far away from friends and not really have too much to allure people into visiting. I'd get bored, I think.

There's also the beach. Where someone can have no problem living with sand covering every inch of their life because the love the ocean and the waves and the year round summer. But then there's tourism. And I would miss autumn.

I feel like there city folks, country folks and beach bums in this world. People who might not live where they want but their soul is there. They dream of a high rise apartment or a 100 acre ranch.

It's all so romantic to me. I wish I was like this. But Scott and I? We don't deeply identify with the city or the country or the beach. Us? We dream of the suburbs. How boring is that? To you, probably very. But I love the look of a manicured subdivision with sidewalks. I love neighborhoods where you watch kids grow up with your kids. I love school plays and the sound of someone mowing their lawn. I love that the lady at the grocery store might know your name, but doesn't know all your business. I love that I could go see a play one weekend and go do something outdoors the next. Seriously, I dream of suburbia.

We're just a bunch of suburbanites. It's almost embarrassing. Which is why I can watch this video over and over and crack up every time: