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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions

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"How's Scott's job hunt going?"

It's going. Kind of. Scott is a busy guy. We are so so blessed that he has a job (as a salesman for Inked Wear) but between work and tote bags and family there just aren't enough hours in the day. We're working on NETWORKING rather than just throwing applications into the wind so if you know of a company looking for a GIS guy, I know one. GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems. It's basically map analysist. Most big companies use it. Please put us in your prayers. We are grateful for the job he has but we feel we have outgrown it (and this apartment... and this state...).

"How's having two kids?"

Fantastic! And crazy! It's gotten a lot easier to tell you the truth. I was pretty overwhelmed the first bit there. Now that Ruthie is 2 months old and I'm all healed up from the old major surgery we are finding our groove. Ruthie is much different than Georgia. She loves to look around and quietly connect with people and would smile all day long if someone was making eye contact with her. She... tolerates Georgia at the moment. Georgia just loves her so stinking much and is always in her face yelling trying to make her laugh. I just know that when they are older Ruthie is going to make the best audience for her animated sister!
The best part about having two babies is that when one is stressing me out, the other is being delightful. And yeah, sometimes they both freak out at the same time but those moments are almost too stressful for me to even realize I'm stressed and before you know it they're over!

"Are you guys still doing tote bags?"

Why yes, yes we are! You can find them by clicking here. We love our little tote bag business even if it can be stressful sometimes and we're shipping things off on the latest possible day. We have a plan for making it easier on ourselves though and a having a much faster turn around time. Also, we will have trick or treat bags soon and T-shirts! Exciting things for Seeker of Happiness.