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Carrie Lynn4 Comments
It's no real surprise that, so far, Georgia loves Halloween. We have a pretty substantial costume box (one Scott and I started the second after we got married) and she likes to get in it daily.

Georgia gets a really big kick out of "scaring" people. As in, she growls a simple "rawr" at any given moment and expects a big reaction of screaming and/or running away. The problem is, she does it about every 2 minutes (especially in the car) and she does it with this little grin that is anything but scary. I do my best to give her good reactions. Though, I'm sorry to admit that I have been setting her up for disappointment.

For example, she will declare "I scare Lucee." Then she will walk up to Lucee, growl, and Lucee will stare at her blankly. At this point Georgia will do one of two things. She will either a.) relentlessly growl until she receives some sort of reaction that resembles fright or b.) scream in terror FOR Lucee.

She's used to the latter option. After all, her sister is only 2 months old.

Georgia can tell you that a ghost says "Boo" and do a mean witch cackle. She points out Halloween decorations all the time stating that they are either funny or scary.

Yesterday we went to Target and, because I was feeling generous, I told her she could pick out a toy. It took her a long time of sorting through princess barbies and masks and coloring books but she finally settled on a skull key chain with eyes that light up red and has a sinister laugh. She's gotten a kick out of it and I get a kick out of the fact that she loves it so much.

After our trick or treat bag photo shoot last night, Georgia continued to run around in her witch costume and then happily watched The Munsters on Netflix. You guys. My 2 year old loves The Munsters.

Halloween is the best.

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