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Chapmans vs. Chapmans

Carrie LynnComment

We were so lucky this weekend to have the Chapman's visit us. Liz and Jacob are such dear friends of ours! I do love living close to the airport. I feel like I see so many friends I may not have otherwise.*

Liz came last weekend because she loves us. We went on a girls night out to see the play Next to Normal at UVU. I had never seen it and I didn't know what it was about. I bawled through the whole thing and driving home we were both so emotionally raw we could barely speak. Not exactly the ice cream and movie night most girls only outings are like but I'm grateful for a friend like Liz who I can be so myself around. However, we agreed that our husbands HAD to see this show so we bought another round of tickets and went all together on Saturday night.

Sunday was spent taking naps in shifts and telling stories and laughing at Georgia and eating food that is good for the soul and food that is good for the body (not necessarily at the same time...). Liz had started teaching Georgia some yoga the week before and Georgia had said: "that a fun game." I had been doing some with her through out the week- mostly to settle her down when she gets too wound up.

Liz was doing it with her and was trying to help her remember who we thank.
Liz: "We thank God and..."
Georgia: "Cupcakes and Christmas!"
Which, personally, I think is a great answer.

Later, Liz was teaching her some stretches. They had their legs spread out and she was telling Georgia to "make the pizza" and move her hands all over the floor in front of her. They "spread the sauce" and "sprinkled the cheese" and Liz asked Georgia what else she would like on her pizza. With no hesitation Georgia responded: "I want eat it."

After the mini yoga/stretching class we put Georgia to bed and we played a little Head's Up. We played Chapman vs. Chapman which meant we all just ended up playing together and not keeping score. Just the way I like it :)
Oh, and during the game, Ruthie got tangled up in her blanket so it looked like she was wearing a toga. Liz could not get over how funny that was. Ruthie was too tired to really appreciate much of anything.

*While we are shacking up in this huge condo any visitors get their own room AND bathroom downstairs. So, you know, COME VISIT!

All photos stolen from Liz... but because they had my children in it I figured it'd be fine