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Georgia-lina Ballerina

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

After communicating with me very clearly that she needed a social outlet (aka throwing tantrums and destroying household objects), we signed Georgia up for ballet lessons and her first class was today.

Obviously, her favorite part about ballet is dressing like a ballerina.  

The classes are held at our rec center and they are nice enough to let the parents watch through the glass. I couldn't help but take some pictures but forgive the glass glare. I was doing my best to not be distracting

Heaven knows Georgia does not need any help in the distraction department. 

I don't know if she really learned anything, but she looked like she was having fun. Her teacher was so patient and kind. 

The little ballerinas seemed to really enjoy the "freeze" game they played. Georgia later told me that she liked the "fancy music." 

We got strawberry milkshakes and fries on our way home. To cement her new found ballerina fanciness, Georgia fell asleep in the most elegant way possible. 

Sleep on, ballerina.