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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

Overheard at the Chapman House

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Me: Dang! I spilled my cider! Now there's not much left and you're probably going to drink it all!
Georgia: Yeah. I am. ... But I'm sorry.

Georgia: Ruthie, say Georgia!
Ruthie: WHOA!
Me: That's about right. 

Georgia: (yelling through clenched teeth to Ruthie) I love you so much and it makes me SO MAD! You are SO CUTE! You UNDERSTAND ME?! 

Georgia (3 years old): I want to go to Costco
Me: There isn't a Costco in Vernal, Utah
Georgia: Why?
Me: I don't know! But I wish there was one!
Georgia: ... I know! I will ask Santa to build one for Christmas!

Georgia: (whispering in my face one morning) "Mom. The sun is up. So we have to see everything."

Georgia: I'm going to slide down this. 

Scott : You will fall.
Georgia: Why?
Scott: Because that's how physics works.
Georgia: Oh.

Georgia: "Mom! Ruthie is on the stairs! Get this freaking child!"

Non verbal: Scott was putting Ruthie to bed and she pulled her pajamas out of her drawer, handed them to him, and then walked into a wall. She couldn't have communicated "I'm tired" any better than that. 

Male church leader: "Come here hun!"
Georgia: "My name is NOT hun! It's GEORGIA."

Georgia: "You read me two books. Just three. Okay just five books, okay Mom?"

Georgia: I'm beautiful! 

Me: yes you are! And what better than being beautiful?
Georgia: a princess 
Me: and even better than being a princess?
Georgia: that Jesus thinks about me