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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

That Was Halloween

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

I'm not sure what it was about this Halloween, but some powers that be made it pretty perfect. It started off a bit rocky- cranky babies and a library carnival that I left sweating and covered in spilled punch. Georgia was excited to have "lots and lots" of candy and I just thought "Girl, you don't even know what's coming."

Later that afternoon we had a few friends over and made candy apples. I'd never done this before but I had some left over candy eyes so it seemed like a good combination. The amount of licking that happened didn't make them sanitary for anyone but the girls who made them, but hey. It was festive. 

Then, by some spooky Halloween miracle, BOTH girls took a nap. AT THE SAME TIME. On a whim, I told Georgia she needed to sleep to get ready for Halloween and she complied like she had never fought to the death over this same issue before. I took a nap. I TOOK A NAP. 

Once Scott got home we finished getting into our costumes (sort of... I didn't make Georgia wear her wig even though she had been excited to wear it anytime before that) and headed to the Halloween carnival at our local rec center. They had a "Mayor's Walk" where you walked a path and local businesses gave you candy.

She talked about that monkey man the rest of the night... which is weird because there was a headless man next to him that didn't even phase her. 

She talked about that monkey man the rest of the night... which is weird because there was a headless man next to him that didn't even phase her. 

We showed up an hour and a half after it started and, by the end of the line, someone dumped their ENTIRE bucket of candy into Georgia's trick or treat bag. 

"That's what you get for being the 10,000th customer!" 
The same just-give-it-all-to-that-kid approach was adopted by the other remaining businesses and Georgia was... overwhelmed. 

We went inside and played a few carnival games, got our fortunes read, and did a cake walk. I didn't make Ruthie wear her hat and she thanked us by sitting completely still in her stroller, wanting only to keep hold of a Kit Kat bar that subsequently melted in her tiny grip. 

On account of the amount of candy Georgia was lugging around, we only did a small bit of ACTUAL trick or treating around our neighborhood. It was time to go home when she simply couldn't carry her bag herself anymore. 

So, we loaded in the car and partook in the Chapman Halloween tradition of getting 50cent corn dogs at Sonic. It was here that I discovered how fun it was to take selfies of Maleficent eating fast food. 

Once home, we face timed with grandparents, and Ruthie tried to steal all of Georgia's suckers. Scott sat and shamelessly picked through Ruth's candy.

We all watched half of Hocus Pocus and ate some popcorn. After some intense teeth brushing the kids went to bed and Scott and I watched I Am Legend. 

It really was a perfect Halloween. Nice and laid back. I'm kind of sad it's over. We tried explaining that Thanksgiving is next and Georgia seems throughly unimpressed by the idea. She's already come up with elaborate costume ideas for next year but I may or may not throw us all under white sheets and call it good.

We'll see when we get there. ;)