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I Said Brrr

Carrie Chapman3 Comments

Good old winter is rolling in. I'm trying not to get too hopeless, and in an act of desperate denial, took the girls outside to play. It was like 20 degrees and I had them bundled. They were pretty excited at the idea considering we had spent a few days self-quarantined due to a stomach bug and some head colds. We pulled hats and scarves and puffy jackets out of storage bins and from the backs of closets (yeah, our winter coats were spread out over three closets. Because I'm super organized all the time). 

The whole thing was pretty promising.


It lasted about 20 minutes. Ruthie decided that, although she had gotten up from a nap not too long before, she would much rather go back to sleep in a warm bed than waddle around in the cold for no reason. Georgia begged me to hold her and wasn't giving in to my enthusiasm to do jumping jacks or play a rousing game of "run to the mailbox."

We ended up back inside, shedding all the work we had put into layering and drinking hot chocolate. I guess we are just those kind of girls. Take us or leave us. Actually just leave us. Inside. With hot chocolate.