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Our Favorite Winter Treat

Carrie Chapman3 Comments

I know a lot of people do holiday baking, but we don't do much of that. Instead, I was introduced to a technique of eating a certain store-bought cookie and it has changed my life forever. 

You start with the minty goodness of Grasshoppers and a warm cup of cocoa. 


Then, you nibble a bit off both ends of a Grasshopper cookie, like this

After that, you put one nibbled end of the cookie into your hot chocolate and sip through the other end.


The cocoa should go through the cookie and taste delicious. 

Now for the best part- pop that cocoa filled cookie into your mouth and enjoy it as it melts away on your tongue. Hear a chorus of angels. 

If you missed the steps, here is Georgia performing them all together: 


Happy snacking!