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Pondering With All The Colors of the Wind

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Anna posted about not having much to blog about these days and posted a spot where she parks to find some serenity. I live in a pretty ugly city (no, really) where dinosaurs used to roam and from the looks of it I wouldn't be surprised if I stumbled upon some raptor tomorrow. But there's a weird little overlook 5 minutes away that I like to go to. 

Every once in a while Georgia, who doesn't really nap anymore, falls asleep in the car at the perfect moments. Like when I want to vacuum it out or when I'm in desperate need of groceries or when Ruthie reeeeeally doesn't want to be trapped in her carseat anymore. Because of our loss of Georgia-nap-time I let her sleep.

I drive to this little overlook that is not nearly as serene as the one Anna goes to. But I like it. I usually have something in my purse I need to do. Someone I need to call, a bill I need to pay. The other day I addressed half of my Christmas cards there. 

If I get really lucky, Ruth falls asleep too and I grab a 5 minute power nap myself. Or maybe I read a book. Or call a friend. Or just sit and ponder for a bit before driving back into town and hit my to-do list again. 

But the thing I like the most about this little overlook is the fact that I am NEVER alone there. I know I should be annoyed by this or something but I'm not. I like seeing the people who drive 5 minutes away from Main Street to take a break. I feel a camaraderie with them. We almost always make eye contact and nod. The guy in the white truck who smokes with the windows rolled up. The lady in the red car who looked like she was going to cry. The man in the suit who got out to take a picture and then just stood there, completely still for a couple minutes. 

If I get there first and someone pulls up, I leave shortly after they arrive. They deserve some alone time. I've noticed others do the same. They probably feel uncomfortable sharing their moments of thought with a stranger in a mini-van and I get it. 

Sometimes Georgia wakes up and that's my cue to leave, and other times she's dressed like Pocahontas (because we were just going to be in the car anyway) and she wants to get out and I just so happen to have my camera.