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Is it Christmas Right Now?

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Georgia asks me that everyday. I held off any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving (something I'm not going to do anymore. It just wasn't worth it) so she was anxious to be able to call it Christmas. We started things off festive on December 1st when we got our very first Christmas Elf. 


He pulled out our Christmas dishes and brought all the makings of a good breakfast. Georgia was so excited, I wish everyone could have seen her face when she first saw him. We read the book while Scott whipped up the food. Georgia named our Elf "Tootie" and now we are one of those families. 


We also put up our tree. Next year we will go out and cut down a real one but this year I was trying to keep it a little more simple. The girls love playing with the tree, and honestly, I let them. I have the ones they can play with down low and the special ones up high. They seem to know it's a decoration and they don't get into it too much. 


After that it's just been a lot of little decorations around my living room. I hope you got those pin buttons ready because this stuff is straight out of a magazine. 


Also, for the first time ever, we put Christmas lights up! Georgia thought this small display was the coolest thing on the planet. 

I really love my house being all decorated and becoming a tiny bit more magical. I love my living room glow at night and Georgia's face in the morning when she tries to find her elf. And I'm gonna say it: I wish it would snow. Just once. Just enough to make a snowman and use this awesome "snow man kit" my sister-in-law made for us for Christmas. What could be better?