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A LOVEly Breakfast

Carrie Chapman3 Comments

Happy Valentines Day from the Chapman family!

We celebrated this morning with a Valentine's Day breakfast

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Love these bed heads! 

Love these bed heads! 


We each got a book and a card (well, instead of a card Scott got me a Reese's heart and I'm not complaining) and enjoyed breakfast together. The balloons were a bigger deal to Georgia than I thought they were going to be and I was pleased. Because of how our lives have been I wasn't able to decorate for Halloween (my favorite) or Thanksgiving or Christmas and New Years was pretty anti-climatic. We are a family of celebrators and it felt good to have a little party this morning. 

It also felt good to put it together. It's not OMGamazing, and is actually pretty low key (on purpose). But getting up this morning and cooking breakfast for my sleeping family was my favorite way to show my love for them. They are special to me. We may have a sloppy way of showing our devotion to each other sometimes, but I think we all know we can rely on one another for the most important things and that is something worth celebrating. 

Happy Love Day to you and yours!