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Giraffes at the Zoo

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Yesterday Scott took work off and we spent the afternoon with Amber, Lucas and Baby Graham at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA has long been my favorite zoo. I just didn't think another could top it. This one did, folks. There was no aquarium (or ET the walrus), but there was a herd of giraffes that you could feed and pet. It was the coolest. 


I'm not being dramatic when I say the experience was magical. I never knew how majestic and beautiful giraffes were! Being that close to them was almost... spiritual. On top of that, the weather was 65 degrees and no one else was there when we were! We had the entire herd to ourselves! I could have stayed there all day. 

It was both Ruthie and Graham's first time at the zoo. I wonder what went through their little baby minds


Obviously, Georgia was freaking out. There was a baby giraffe that she quickly became obsessed with. She would run around the deck making sure she could always see it. She would also point out the "mama one and the daddy one and the grandma one and the papa one!"


I honestly could have stayed there all day long. 


We left eventually and I didn't really pull my camera out much after that. Ruthie ended up being content just playing with toys until she wasn't. I loved using the trike my parents gave us... until both girls just wanted to be carried haha! 


We saw some mountain lions eating. They were right up at the fence (like, we could have reached through and touched them). One of the lions tried to get in on a carcass that another lion was eating. The situation got really intense with deep growling and everything. It was awesome. 
Georgia wanted to see a moose, a sheep and a wolf. What kid goes to the zoo and wants to see those animals haha! The moose was eating so now she talks about how we saw his bum. 

I loved that they had 3 huge hippos, and I'm sad I didn't get to see the orangoutangs. Next time I guess :)