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So, I Guess We're Bronies.

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Last summer, Georgia decided she was going to wake up really early every day. She would climb into bed with us, and, like the responsible and attentive parents we are, we would have her watch something on Netflix. It bought us at least 20 minutes of resting/dosing off and Georgia didn't mind watching cartoons. 

One morning Georgia asked to watch "the pony show" and I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, Scott had been showing her My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and she was pretty hooked. I was worried at first, as I thought the ponies were a little too sassy. I expressed this to Scott, who looked at his shoes and mumbled:

"The world they set up is actually pretty cool. Like, the pegasus ponies change the weather and stuff." 

During this conversation, I learned that Scott knew the words to the My Little Pony theme song, the history of Equestria and the names of the main ponies. I teased him mercilessly for this and he insisted that the show really was good and deep and taught good things. 

Well, I was intrigued. So I started watching it with Georgia and I realized the ponies were not nearly as sassy as I had originally thought. More than that, I was thrilled that there was a show where ALL of the main characters were girls AND those girls were different from one another. Also, the lessons on friendship were pretty complex for a little kid show.  I slowly started to understand why Scott liked it so much. 

A few months into our love for the show, we were talking to some friends about how Scott is the one who got us into it.  He got a little sheepish and our friend said: "So, you're a brony! There's a whole fandom of men between the ages of 16 and 30 who LOVE My Little Pony. They even have a Brony-con!" 

We were flabbergasted. A whole FANDOM of My Little Pony fans who WEREN'T little girls? A CONVENTION dedicated to them? 

I bought Scott a Brony shirt for Father's Day. 


Well, the good news is there is a documentary on Netflix right now all about Bronies and the whole thing is absolutely awesome. Some people have a hard time swallowing that adults (particularly men) can like a show for little girls. To this, Lauren Faust, the creator of this new version, says: 

"To people who feel that an adult man watching a show that's meant for little girls, that they think that's wrong or that that's strange, I think I would say this...'Why do you think that's strange?' and 'What about that makes you uncomfortable?'  As a society, I think our first reaction is to jump to the conclusion that there's something wrong with that, but I think that that's what needs to be changed.  We need to allow men to be gentle and to be sensitive and to care about one another and not call them weak for caring."

As a mother of two girls, I love My Little Pony for more reasons than that it's interesting*. I love that it teaches acceptance (a la Sesame Street) and also doesn't downplay pink and sparkles and rainbows as something less than. Because Georgia loves pink and sparkles and rainbows and fun but that doesn't make her any less relevant than a girl who likes the opposite. It doesn't make her less relevant than a boy. And it doesn't make her stupid. 

The point is, if you haven't watched My Little Pony you need to. Right now. It's on Netflix. Watch the first two episodes to get the history down and I dare you not to like it at least somewhat. And to hear more awesome stuff from Lauren Faust and learn about Bronies, check out the documentary on Netflix. 

Every pony's doing it. 

*If you want to discuss My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with me, I'd be more than happy. But if you want to discuss My Little Pony: Equestrian Girls, you are going to have to excuse my vomit because I hate it. 

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