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Casetagram Review

Carrie ChapmanComment

I used to have an Otterbox for my cell phone. It was practical at the time. When Georgia was 12 months old she threw my phone out the shopping cart at Target. The Otterbox kept it safe and I was glad. But as time wore on, I hated how bulky it was and well... I wanted something cuter. 

The options for iphone cases are overwhelming. You can pretty much find anything you want and for this reason, I was having a hard time deciding on something! I didn't want to get sick of it too quickly, I wanted it to be unique, and I wanted it to be personal to me. was the perfect solution to what I was looking for. You can upload any image to their site and they will make it into a phone case for you! I opted to make a collage of my photos and I am in love with the result!

Making the case was easy and you had the option to connect directly to your Instagram and Facebook accounts to access photos there. 

It only took about 5 days for me to receive my case, and I'll be honest- I was a little worried at how good the quality was going to be. I think everyone worries about that a little when ordering a photo gift. In the end, I was THRILLED it! 

None of my photos are pixelated and the case has a perfect matte finish. It looks exactly like what I had created online! When does that ever happen?!

I find myself looking at my phone more, but less on the side with the screen ;)

How perfect would this be as a Mother's Day gift? Or any day gift? 

Casetagram is being kind enough to offer you readers a 10% discount from now until April 30 using code CARRIE10

Let me know if you make one! I would love to see!