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Clover Bunny Chapman

Carrie ChapmanComment

I really wanted a bunny. Like, really bad. So I got one. 

After hours and hours of research to make sure we would be good rabbit owners, I decided it was something our family would love. I wanted to find just the right rabbit and that was proving a little more challenging. I poured over craigslist and even considered getting a baby bunny, but nothing felt right (I have enough babies in my life right now thankyouverymuch). 

In the end, I revisited the Human Society website and found a new bunny listed. Her name is Clover and from her description, she was perfect for us. I just FELT like she was ours. 


So we went and adopted her. Clover is a BIG rabbit weighing about 7lbs. She's 3 years old so she's a fully mature adult. She was also spayed a few days ago so she's been pretty low key around here. We have mostly tried to leave her be while she gets situated to our home. I mean, we let her out to hop around and hope she comes and sniffs us. We can't help our infatuation. 

Obviously, Georgia is in love. She's not the most cuddly toddler and it's actually been really good. She doesn't want to pick Clover up or chase her. She just wants to sit by her. Which is perfect for our new rabbit. 


It's been fun to watch the two of them together. I've been telling Georgia that if she sits really still, Clover will come to her and she is thrilled when Clover comes and sniffs around. Georgia then sits and pets her. While Clover likes to hop around, she's VERY tolerant of being pet and it's really very sweet. 

PS have you ever seen a BUNNY LEASH?! The most embarrassing thing in the world. I want one.