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Dressing My Truth: Choosing My Type

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

So it's been a week since my last Dressing Your Truth post and I was overwhelmed by the love! Okay, not in the comments here, but on Facebook. I didn't realize it would resonate with so many people! The whole experience has actually turned out to be a lot more fun than deep and I am loving it! I have taken the challenge to dress my truth for 30 days and it has been a blast! 

The first step in the online program is to find out your Type of beauty. As I said in my last post, the course is based on the energy profiling system. Carol explains it like this: 

"Energy Profiling® is based on the scientific principle that the four elements of our DNA create our human nature and our natural expressions. The Four Types come from the four elements that we are each created from: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Carol has discovered that each of these elements expresses a unique and candid movement that is also expressed in all of nature and all of human nature. We have all four elements in us; so we naturally have all four expressions in us–yet we all lead with a dominant expression of one of the four elements that is represented by each Type."

While taking the online course, I was sent a copy of the book Discover Your Type of Beauty. I had already read it, but I went through it again just to be sure that I had determined my Type correctly the first time :)

Through reading the book, watching some videos and taking some time to deeply reflect on my true nature, it was undeniable that I have TYPE 1 energy, or nitrogen. There are many ways to find out your dominant energy Type- from facial features even down to the way you doodle!

Here are a few photos of me showing my TYPE 1 nature: 

Even from when I was a baby, you could see my TYPE 1 nature

What I love about the energy profiling system is that it doesn't box you in to be exactly one thing. I have several friends who have totally different tastes than I do but we all possess a TYPE 1 energy. I also have friends that I have tons in common with who are opposite movements from I. 

Some words that describe a TYPE 1 woman like me are animated, bright, upward movement, spunky, random, cute, friendly, social and sparkly. While TYPE 1 people move through life this way, it doesn't mean that they don't want to be taken seriously or that they don't have deep thoughts. 

Anyway, finding out my energy Type was the first step in this process. You can actually go take a free course to find out your type by going HERE

I'd love to hear what you think your dominant energy Type is here in the comments!