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Dressing My Truth: My Everyday Makeup

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

Make-up. I have always loved to play with it. I have gone from wearing way too much eye make-up in high school, to raging around Alaska with none at all.

One of my goals for this year was to find a signature lipstick, and, in an effort to dress true to my type one nature, I have found it! While taking the online Dressing Your Truth course, I got all sorts of great tips about dressing true to my nature (like embracing PINK). I am pretty happy with my simple, yet sparkling make-up regime so I thought I would share. 

First, a terrifying close-up selfie of me in the morning: 

We are going to be gettin' all KINDS of up close and personal here. I don't have perfect skin, and I'm not a make-up artist. Just a mom who puts on make-up once a day. 

I start with concealer, foundation, and contouring. I have always wanted to be one of those people who looked flawless without all of it, but it evens out my face and makes me feel good about myself so I'm leaning into it. I actually buy my foundation, concealer and powder in a pack at Costco! I usually have a contour powder from Sephora but I ran out, so I've been using a. E.L.F bronzer instead. 


Next, is blush. I remember taking a quiz online and one of the questions was what make-up I couldn't leave the house without. I chose blush. 

Then it's on to eyes. Now listen. I tried to take the kind of eye make-up selfie you see on Pinterest and I just couldn't capture it. You'll have to trust me. Anyway, pretty basic. I give my eyebrows a little help (with an eyebrow pencil, not a sharpie) and line my brow line with a white shimmer. Then I use a gold eye shadow with a shimmery chocolate color on the outside. 
The hardest part of dressing my truth so far is throwing out black and replacing it with chocolate brown. I LOOOOVE my black eyeliner, and I'll admit that I haven't thrown it out yet... but I do like the brown with the gold and find that I look much more fresh and light doing it this way. 


Then I round it all off with some lipstick. My favorite lipstick is L'Oreal's Blushing Berry. I find that I can throw it on with anything and look cute and put together! I have a few other pink lip gloss tubes in my purse and I have to say I like those too :) I really love playing around with red lipstick too. Always have. Today I went with the Blushing Berry, though 

And that's it! I do that once in the morning and pretty much don't look in the mirror again haha! I really love the bright, colorful lipsticks. For the longest time I was trying to wear browns and neutrals and I just didn't like them on me. They kind of made me look, well... OLD. And while I always steered away from the pinks and purples and reds because they were too "young" they fit my nature!