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Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

My in-laws visited last and we were able to show them how much we love Colorado Springs. We were all pretty tired, so we tried to take it easy and relax while also making sure we were getting in the fun stuff there is to do here. One day we went to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, ran around and soaked up the fantastic weather.

These were homes of ancient Native Americans who likely lived in cliff dwellings as protection. The Anasazi people abandoned these homes and there is little explanation as to why. They were pretty amazing to explore. 

The chain you see Georgia carrying around is something she found on the sidewalk. She's been taking it everywhere calling it her "puppy." 


Of course, right before we got out of the car, Ruthie was all "you know what would make right now super fun? If I had a huge poopy blow-out." She hasn't had one of those for months and months so I hadn't packed an extra outfit. We weren't going to turn around and go home, and it was like 75 degrees so... 


I mean, really. She didn't seem to mind one bit.