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A Dinner Party of People Named John/Jon

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

As I often do, I found myself daydreaming. I was playing that game where I think about who I would invite to a dinner party. I was imagining sitting around a big table full of food and really great intellectual conversation. Not the kind that leaves you lost and confused, but the kind that you can join in on. The kind where the people are funny and observational and sincerely interested in your own observations and experiences in life. 

I was rounding out my list when all of the sudden holy crap! they were all named John. Or Jon. 

So this party of Johns (heehee) didn't feel complete in my overly active imagination. It was like someone was late and I was waiting for them to show up before I shared this epic-dinner-party-in-my-head with anyone else.

But guess what?! They showed up today! As in, I figured out who the final guests would be.  And I feel all homey and settled in a way that's disturbing because this whole thing is so entirely fabricated. Amazing how our imaginations can still be so intertwined with our reality. 

ANYWAY: Here's the list of men named John/Jon who I would like to have come over for a dinner party at my place and listen to forever and ever amen: 


Here's a picture of how he would look at my dinner party. All happy and wonderful and I'd let him smoke in my house because he's effing STEINBECK

Here's a picture of how he would look at my dinner party. All happy and wonderful and I'd let him smoke in my house because he's effing STEINBECK

Aside from religious leaders, John Steinbeck is pretty much who I would choose in any imaginary dinner party scenario. In his work, he brilliantly leads us to pay attention to the landscape and then shifts our perspective. It's all very holistic and beautiful and each time I read something of his I find myself feeling more connected to everything in my environment and how it effects me. I can go on all day about John Steinbeck so let's move on. 


I hope you are familiar with Jon Ronson. He is delightful. He's what some call a "gonzo journalist" meaning he reports his stories as objectively as possible and often includes himself in the narrative. He just... he has so many STORIES. Stories from pretty much every corner of the world, across races and economical and political boundaries. He is wickedly funny and I want him to sit next to me at the dinner. 


Okay so I know The Daily Show has a crew of WRITERS and not everything that comes out of his mouth is uniquely his. And let's forget all political loyalties right now and remember that Jon Stewart's JOB is to make fun of the NEWS and well, he's really good at it. Not only is he hilarious, but I've watched him in several interviews where he eloquently makes observations I haven't before. He has the ability to see things from the outside WHILE HE'S INSIDE. Plus, I think everyone would really get along with him and he'd lighten up any tension. I realized he's the only person who isn't an author by profession so I invited someone to keep him company


He was late to the party because Jon Stewart forgot to forward him to the evite and it was a whole thing. Anyway, I love John Oliver. First of all, he's on Community, and I seriously doubt that you can be a stupid person and be cast on Community. The show itself is too smart and funny to cast idiots as recurring characters. And I'm gonna be honest here, my respect for John Oliver is more on the "you're so OMGfunny" than it is intellectual but I really think he could hold his own with this crowd and make everyone feel comfortable. 


I become an embarrassing tween girl when I talk about John Green. As in, I literally almost captioned his photo "hashtag man crush everyday amiright?" 
I would be so embarrassed sitting next to John Green at my dinner party, which he showed up late to. But he would make feel comfortable in my awkwardness because he's so effortlessly COOL. 
The first book of his that I read was A Fault in Our Stars and I know everyone loves it but I really, really loved it. It moved me in a way I hadn't been moved in a while. I am stuck on these characters. I still think about them sometimes and wonder how they are doing. I am making my way through his novels and I am always surprised at how wrapped up I get. He tells stories from teenage perspectives that are so refreshingly REAL. And not the kind of real that screams "I'm trying really hard to go against the grain" but really, truly, sincerely real. 
I could go on and on about John Green so I'm just going to let you explore the vlog he has with his brother and you can bask in him yourself. 

And that's it. We're all here. Let's eat.