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Hobby Farm

Carrie ChapmanComment

I think I have romanticized farms. I blame Charlotte's Web. 
I can do without the talking spiders, but I do want a classic, red barn stuffed with a cow, horse, rabbits and a cat that catches mice. I want to have to buy a lot of hay (I love the smell of hay). I want a couple of pigs, and a couple of sheep. I want a goat that one of my kids (haha) takes care of on their own. I want a rolling hill and a pick up truck and a border collie that follows me everywhere.  I want a big vegetable garden and a big kitchen sink that sits in front of a big window that lets in the sunset. 

I know that, realistically, it's too much work. There's a reason why there are not that many hobby farms anymore. I know that hay smells bad when it gets moldy. I know it's dealing with poop and veterinarians and death. I know that it would mean no vacation. 

I think I am drawn to the farm dream because it represents things that are hard for me. Consistent hard work, sacrifice, being content with your plot in the world, self reliant, being forced to see the sunrise and the sunset. It represents what I want to BE. The goal is to be a person who runs a little hobby farm and sell eggs at the farmers market and finds she is so happy she has nothing to vacate from. 

My hobby farm pin board (because pinterest is for dreaming)