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Always Fun When Gammy Comes

Carrie ChapmanComment

We have been so lucky this year to have so many friends and family visit us in Colorado. A couple weeks ago, my mom came to visit. We did all of the typical things we take people to do starting with the zoo (of course). 

Which monkey was watching which?

Which monkey was watching which?

It's no secret we love our zoo

It's no secret we love our zoo

Because Gammy is going to miss Georgia's 3rd birthday party, she threw Georgia her own little party complete with princess cupcakes and presents! 


We also walked around Garden of the Gods and Georgia unleashed her inner rock climber. Ruthie, as usual, just smiled the whole time.

Other adventures included some time I got to spend with just my mom. I didn't take my camera but we got some phone pictures. We saw The Fault in Our Stars together the night before the premiere (mom had finished the book right before she came so it was fun to share in the movie with her). We got pedicures and also toured the Olympic Training Center. 


I would call the whole thing a success.