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Babies and Hoses and Sprinklers

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

We don't have air conditioning so we create our own with popsicles and sprinklers. 

When the sprinklers go off, we just get out the hose. 

As it turns out, Summer Georgia is incredibly easy to entertain.

Summer Ruthie spends all of her days at home in just a diaper. I get her dressed when we go out, but while at home I just don't see the point. She's not complaining and neither am I. 


She watches her sister so closely now. She is crawling, but also pulling herself up to standing. Sometimes I wonder if it's just to feel more apart of the group or to get a better view of what Summer Georgia is doing. 

She gets her fair shake of the fun. I'll have to make a video of her eating an ice cream cone. It's impressive. 

You know those times in your life when you feel really present? Those seasons where you can feel yourself absorbing everything and you KNOW you are not taking it for granted? That's kind of what this summer feels like to me right now. I am grateful.