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$12 Tote Bags and Some Happy Thoughts

And now she's 3

Carrie ChapmanComment

I didn't think I would be one of those moms that got sad when their kids got older. I have enjoyed watching Georgia become more and more independent. Even now, she makes me laugh and declares that I am her friend and I think "this is the best age." And maybe that's why I find myself a little sad today, her third birthday. I don't know if it will get better than this so I want time to freeze. I want her to be caught in the middle of being a big kid and little kid. Big enough to put her shoes on by herself, but small enough to need me when she stubs her toe. 

All morning long, she practiced "making three" with her fingers and wanted to tell everyone her new age. She giggled every time we mentioned it was her birthday. 

Scott was at a scouting camp out last night, but when he came home he had some flowers to give to the birthday girl. It was a smooth move. Georgia BEAMED and kept saying "thank you, Prince Phillips!" Sleeping Beauty is her favorite princess and Scott is often Prince Phillips around here. 

After Scott got home we opened a couple of presents (a new Sleeping Beauty DVD since our old one has been broken for ages. She was really excited about that as I mentioned it's her favorite) and Georgia said she wanted "pancakes at the store" so we went to Denny's. Afterwards, we took her swimming at an outdoor pool near our house and she was in heaven. 

Naps came next and then dinner at Dickey's BBQ (free ice cream for the win). 

We still had her blow out some candles in a cupcake but she didn't hardly any of it (see free ice cream). 

Later, we watched Sleeping Beauty in our tent in the backyard. She was so thrilled with this I can't even tell you. 

And now her birthday is over and she's three and I'm going to have to start paying for her when we go places. Good thing she's worth it.