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Mommy Wars Do Not Exist

Carrie Chapman1 Comment

I hesitate to write anything with the words "mommy wars" involved, but this needs to be said. 


It's a lie. It's a conspiracy. It's a fictional war made of fictional battles. This whole idea that there is an ARMY of moms who don't do things like you that are FIGHTING to BRING YOU DOWN is absurd. Not only absurd, but damaging for those who give into it. 

Do I get my feelings hurt sometimes? Sure. Have I spoken to the mom making comments about how much I'm on the phone at the park? Yes. But I shrug it off because I refuse to pick up some kind of "weapon" and participate in the war she's fighting. Taking inventory of how her children are dressed or what snacks she's giving them and convincing myself that "I may be on the phone but at least I don't give my kids high fructose corn syrup" is a waste of my time and solves nothing. She's not going to change and neither am I so what. is. the. point. 

Please consider whether you have found yourself fighting in one of the following fictitious battles: 

Working Mom vs. Stay At Home Mom
Organic Mom vs. Fast Food Mom
Yoga Pants Mom vs. Glamour Magazine Mom
Vaccinating Mom vs Non-vaccinating Mom
Running Mom vs Can't Find the Energy to Wake Up Mom
Young Mom vs. Older Mom
Breastfeeding Mom vs. Bottle Feeding Mom
Breastfeed in Public vs. Breastfeed with a Cover Mom

Yeah. No one cares. You're not getting a medal for your valor and bravery because you put down another group of mothers who are trying just as hard as you are to do right by their kids. No one of importance is applauding you. You're not a soldier. You are a statistic. You are a click on a blog post. You are a number that a blogger or journalist or pundit can take to advertisers and say "See! Moms WANT to rage against one another! It's easy writing and high traffic so PAY ME MONEY to put your ad on the sidebar and all these angry women will buy your product to calm down." 

Stop selling yourself. Let this be the last "mommy war" link you click on. Spread the word. The war isn't over because it never existed.