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The Most Random Place I've Ever Been

Carrie Chapman3 Comments

Located in some hidden part of Nampa, Idaho is a place called Cleo's Nature Trail.  A man with a lot of money created a "nature walk" with about a million statues, bird houses, totem poles, and inspirational signs. We heard about it from a friend and, while visiting family in Boise last week, decided to check it out. 

The guy as clearly super religious and there were birdhouses with inspirational signs every 20feet. Totem poles, and peacocks and shrines. It went on and on and on.  

There was some lounging with great minds

Spot the baby

There was a wedding, baseball game, parade and safari. 

I'm the first to say that Boise is my favorite city, but it's not overflowing with things to do. Finding this little gem was so perfect and weird and fun. Boise is awesome.