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Ruthie's 1st Birthday Party

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

Ruthie's party was simple (like she is). We had desserts and an open house. 
Disclaimer: it rained the ENTIRE day and so we couldn't have the party outside. This resulted in the worst lighting ever and my photos are well... kind of horrible. But you get the idea? 


I made the big cake myself and got the cake topper from Etsy. I got the smaller cake from a bakery though. I was kind of proud of the flowers I put on both of them. 

The flowers look pink (stupid indoor light) but they were really lavender in color. 

I'll be honest, I was pretty pleased with the food. We had pineapple mint kabobs, chocolate dipped pretzels, berry pie pops (with a hint of lavender), and muddy buddies. 

For drinks we had Passion Fruit Lemonade

I had lovely friends help me with the decorations and put the whole thing together. 

The photos of Ruthie blowing out her candles didn't even begin to work out, but she was pretty cute. She just kind of played with the frosting until we had to literally put it in her mouth so she could get the idea! I'm glad we got a nice, long, video that only a mother can love to watch ;)

Speaking of photos not working out, here's a blurry photo of the beautiful birthday girl: