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Today You are One, Miss Ruthie

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

It's surreal to me that you turn one today. When your sister passed this milestone it was something I expected and was excited about. As is frequently the case, you snuck up on me. You are too big for my liking. You stand up and even took your first step the other day. You quietly get into mischief, leaving us scratching our heads because surely Ruthie didn't pull out all of the wipes! You talk a little more now, your favorite word being "wow!" or "whoa" while you point to whatever has caught your attention. 
You have an eye for detail that always surprises me. Your little pointer finger is your most used tool. You point at everything and press buttons with care. 
You love anything and everything that makes noise and music! This includes your sister! You dance and sing and pick up how things work very quickly. 
Our bunny Clover has only "claimed" one member of our family so far and that is you. I found you sitting outside of her cage while she rubbed her chin on your chubby knee and groomed your arm. You sat so still with a subtle smile. 
Stillness is something everyone notices about you. Stillness and sweetness. Even at such a young age, you connect with people. And while you don't mind sitting on a strangers lap, you always burrow into my shoulder when I get you back. 

And yes, I know you are sweet and subtle, but I also know your goofy side. The times when you blow raspberries wait for us to laugh. Or how, every morning when we get you out of your crib you kick your legs so fast because you're so excited and don't know what else to do. Ever since you could smile, you have crinkled your nose. You squirm with happiness. Your joy is contagious. 

Your birth was not easy. You came at a time when I was going through a lot. But Ruth, you have always been the easiest part of my day. You are my sweet, calming cup of tea. I love you deeply and unconditionally. You and I are there for one another and I'm so grateful I get to be your mom. You are so different from me but I love all the special, new ways you bring light and sparkle and comfort to our family.

You, my sweet Ruthie Pearl, are so, so loved.