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Fourth of Jewel Eye

Carrie ChapmanComment

Listen. There are times when I can knock a holiday out of the park. I can plan a killer birthday party, or make an amazing festive meal, or plan activities that make you think you will never celebrate that holiday another way again. 

And then, sometimes, we get a dud. 

Our Fourth of July started at exactly midnight. Ruth had had a very high temperature for the last two days and I said "it's just teething." But then she threw up and her temp wouldn't come down. It was 105! I took her into the emergency room when she woke up that night covered in sweat and vomit. The whole experience was horrible (a nurse who wouldn't listen to me and tried FOUR times to get an IV in, a catheter because she didn't put the bag I asked for on correctly, and a chest xray). Ruthie and I left with normal temperatures at about five that morning.

We were able to sleep until about 11:45 and I thought we had better get a start on the day. I was feeling overly anxious and I think it was due to the anxiety I had suppressed the night before. I got my girls all dressed for the holiday and they were so cute, I wanted some pictures.  

I had decided that I was going to make these:

for a BBQ we were invited to. After forging traffic, the jungle of Wal-Mart and another grocery store for ingredients, we had wasted almost the entire day. I needed to get the cakes in the oven so I sent Scott on a hunt for Pop Rocks. He went to every dollar store and grocery store until finally he went to a CANDY store and found some. It was now 4:00pm and my super-cool-firecracker-cakes-with-pop-rocks-in-them turned out like this: 

At this point, all I could do was laugh. Ruthie couldn't laugh though. Although her fever had broken she was still pretty cranky. She just cried. There was no soothing her. Scott took Georgia and a watermelon to the BBQ we were making the stupid firecracker failures for. I stayed home with Ruth while she cried for the entire 2 hours they were gone. 

That's when it started raining. Colorado Springs almost didn't have public firework shows due to the fires that have happened the last few years but decided at the last minute to do them anyway. I was worried the rain would wash it out. At home fireworks are illegal so we had to settle with glow sticks. 

Rather than brave the crowds at the park for fireworks we sat in a parking lot on a hill and watched them from afar. This was by far the best part of the day..

Of course, Georgia kept putting the glow stick necklace in her mouth after we had told her A BILLION times not to do that! By the time we had our camping chairs folded up and put in the van, she was crying her dress was glowing purple. Sigh. 

Anyway, hooray for the Independence to grumble about Independence Day!