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Patriotic Pinterest Fails

Carrie ChapmanComment

One of the only things I liked about this last Fourth of July was looking through the hashtag #pinterestfail. It was nice to not feel so alone in my attempted Americana. Here are some of my favorite fellow American failures.

1. Cakes 

2. There was an impressive selection of failed watermelon cakes, but here are my two favorites

3. Just... desserts in general...

4. Drinks. Guess what folks? Blue and red make PURPLE! 

5. Nail art. That's right. It wasn't just the food. Only in America can failure cross so many boundaries

6. Any craft project... including those involving animals. 

7. Suuuuper phallic "firework" foods. I'm gonna spare most of these. Except this one: 


So there you have it. I was not alone in my failures. Lest we forget why I was perusing that hashtag in the first place: