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29 Things About Carrie Lynn

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1. I am missing two teeth. I was born without the permanent ones and I wear a retainer with the beauties you see in my smile. When I take them out, Georgia calls it my "monster teeth."

2. I am terrified of ferris wheels. I do not understand why they don't have seat belts

3. I wish I was more connected to my southern roots

4. One of my favorite books is called The Most Evil Men and Women in History. 

5. My personality tends to change based on the weather

6. I doodle spirals, stars, hearts, and bubble letters if there's a pen and paper nearby

7. Gold is my favorite color

8. I used to do improv and I think I was actually pretty good at it. 

9. I don't tell people I did improv because I worry they'll think I'm like a Michael Scott improvisor 

10. I love this quote by Mindy Kaling: "Being called fat is not like being called stupid or unfunny, which is the worst thing you could ever say to me." 

11. There is not one competitive bone in my body. This is despite my mother, who desperately wants me to be competitive or driven or whatever. Good thing she had two more kids. 

12. Right now I want a dog much MUCH more than I want a third kid. 

13. Some girlfriends and I used to meet up every Friday at 2 o'clock until we all moved away. So we started a secret blog we called "Fridays at 2" where we would post stuff we didn't necessarily want to share in public. The blog died because who has time for that and now we have an ongoing group text conversation. Every Friday at 2 we post a selfie of whatever we are doing. This group message thread is, to me, the funniest thing that has ever been written in the history of ever. 

14. I hate wearing bracelets. They get in my way. 

15. Fresh flowers are my most effective anti-depressant 

16. Manatees are my favorite animal

17. Once, I read 37 different books to my toddler in one day and did not mind. 

18. Despite my best efforts, I am a terrible housekeeper

19. I hate wearing socks. Even in the winter. 

20. I love the smell of lavender and apples (both separately and together)

21. I could nap all day. I really think I could do that. 

22. I genuinely believe I heard Santa Clause when I was like 9. We were living in a top floor apartment and in the middle of the night there was a thump on the roof and the sound of bells. I will never deny it. I know what I heard. 

23. I do more yoga than Zumba. I mean, I like to shake it but at this point in my life I need the silence. 

24. I justify drinking Diet Coke because I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do drugs and I have small kids. 

25. The biggest struggle I have with my tote bag business is having too many ideas

26. I love that scripture "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"

27. I have yet to eat a meal as consistently delicious as my husband's mexican food

28. I struggle with telling time on a real clock. I mean, I CAN but it takes me a second

29. Today is my birthday.