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Late Summer Lounging

Carrie ChapmanComment

As it turns out, I don't do anything in the late summer. 
There's no real excuse. I don't have a new baby and I'm not pregnant or anything. There's just something about 80 degree weather in August that puts me to sleep. My kids have watched too much TV and I should really help Ruthie with her walking but uuuuuug. 
Even though I have no air conditioning, I cannot blame all of my late summer laziness on the sun. It's also been raining. Now, I'm from Washington so I don't mind a little rain. In fact, I love rainy days. But the gray blanket sky and my old house makes me want to stay in all day. My eyes are drooping just thinking about it. 

We went a lot of places this summer. It's not like we didn't go on big trips and day trips. But now, if we make it to the park it's like we went to freaking Disneyland. Hell, if we make it to the mailbox I give myself a big old pat on the back. 

Here's to late summer lounging.