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Book Character Halloween Costume: Cat in the Hat

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie Chapman1 Comment

In 5th grade, my mom made me this awesome Peter Pan Halloween costume. I loved it but she hated making it. My mom has never been big on Halloween. She told me that she wouldn't be making me anymore costumes and that if I wanted to dress up I needed to do it myself. In sixth grade, I dressed up like a mime because I already had black clothes, white gloves and a beret. My mom was surprised that I took the inititave to come up with my own costume and took me to buy some make-up because "you can't be a mime with no white make-up!" 

Anyway, this costume is dedicated to the moms who hate dressing up their kids for Halloween. Cat in the Hat was incredibly simple. I bought the hat ($6) and the fabric piece ($1.50) but everything else I already had. 


She was so funny to watch running down the street and everyone at the park wanted to chat with her. She was pretty pleased with herself.