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Book Character Halloween Costume: Pinkalicious

Book Halloween CostumesCarrie Chapman2 Comments

Way back in the beginning of August, my 3 year old picked out our family's Halloween costumes. Before I knew it, I had bought two out of four of our costumes and the materials to make the other two... all before August 15. 
The thing is, we LOVE to dress up over here. My husband and I had a dress-up box before we ever even had kids. Once we had our costumes I thought "it's a real shame you can only dress up as one thing for Halloween..."
I was lamenting about this with my cousin who mentioned that she dresses up her kids as book characters every year. Suddenly, I had a million easy, low-cost ideas rolling through my head!

Thus began my mother-daughter(s) project of dressing up my kids like book characters and taking pictures of them. It has been something special for Georgia and I (and Ruthie whenever she joins in) to do together and she has yet to be anything less than excited when I mention "let's dress up like ________."

All of these costumes were made with what we already had or had one or two little things added. 

First up: Pinkalicious

Georgia got this book for her birthday and LOVES how many times it says the word pink. We read it all the time. This costume was easy for us only because Georgia's favorite color is pink and we have a lot of it. 
If you don't like Halloween, or don't have a lot of money to spend on elaborate costumes, this would make a good option for your little girl :)

Stay tuned- I have like 12 of these costumes coming up ;)

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