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Perfectly Ordinary Zoo Animals

Carrie ChapmanComment

I'm so happy about our zoo. We have a membership there so we go all the time and the girls can't seem to get enough. We went back today and the air was crisp and there were no people and the animals were awake and active. It was a dream. 
I feel like I have a lot of pictures of the giraffes and the other exotic animals, but today it was the rocky mountain creatures that had me fascinated. 

Like this family of porcupines! Or, what Georgia calls Pinecones. There was a baby! 


And the baby fell off of its log and my heart exploded! 

Ruth knew what I was talking about. Out of everything she saw that day, this chicken became the one animal she was the most fixated on. She was determined to touch it so I had to redirect so she wouldn't chase the thing all over the zoo. However, the chicken was not innocent. As soon as Ruthie would leave it alone, it would come back and check her out. 

Georgia also got into the woodland vibe. She's basically a forest fairy.