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News as Big as a Dinosaur

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This last week, Scott had a job interview in Vernal, Utah. The company was kind enough to pay for travel and a hotel and so the girls and I hopped along. 
For those who don't know, Scott has had a hard time finding work in his field since he graduated college. We have had a lot of ups and downs and have learned from a lot of mistakes. At this point, it didn't matter where Scott found a job! This opportunity was perfect for him to get his career started. We found out a few days later that he got it! 

This also means we will be moving to Vernal rather quickly. Now, I was only there for about 20 hours, but it was the weirdest little place. I guess the town's big thing is dinosaurs and so there are about 1 billion of these statues to greet you: 

                                 Yes, I did take this picture in the year 2014. 

                                 Yes, I did take this picture in the year 2014. 

The population is about 9,000 people. There's a Wal-Mart and a Natural History Museum. I have heard that small, ugly towns often have the nicest people so I am excited. Although, I will probably purchase everything I see at Target before I move away from it. Vernal has an impressive library and recreation center. I'm sure there will be other treasures to uncover. We've always been decent at finding adventure no matter what. 

Before we headed out to go home, we made a quick stop at the "Dinosaur Museum." We got there right before they closed so we had to run through it but it was worth it. 

You are greeted at the front by this huge guy

You are greeted at the front by this huge guy

Our favorite part was the "dinosaur garden" 

Obviously, Georgia found the whole place fascinating. 


When we told Georgia we were moving we asked her if she wanted to live in Dinosaur Land to which she responded by jumping up and down on my bed and shouting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" 
And I'm at peace with this. It's not the most glamourous town on the map but when we were there my mind was filled with possibilities rather than restrictions. And although I'm annoyed by the shopping inconveniences and the fact that I'm moving back to UTAH AGAIN, it's all overshadowed by how excited I am for Scott. All in all, I'm ready for Dinosaur Land.