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Magical Larkspur

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

My dear friend, Amber, was visiting home this past week and we were invited to her parents beautiful property in Larkspur, CO. I wish I was some incredible photographer so I could have captured how truly gorgeous everything was, but you're just gonna have to trust me. 

First of all, they have tons of land to explore

The girls were in heaven


There's a small pond and a little paddle boat that had me never wanting to leave. It's full of pretty flowers, and frogs that stare at you until you come just close enough to make them dart under the surface. 

While paddling around, Georgia told me we were pirates. 

Above the pond, is a zipline. Yeah. A ZIPLINE. Amber's dad made it and runs down their property, over the pond. I've taken my turn on it before, but this day I wore a skirt so I watched Scott do it instead.

After watching her dad, Georgia mentioned SHE wanted a turn. She's usually pretty timid when it comes to stuff like that. Amber's parents have a child harness that has seen it's fair share of 3 year olds and we felt it was safe to let her have a go. 

I was not expecting to get emotional but I found my heart leaping after her. I was so proud of how brave she was but so sad that she was flying so quickly away from me. Didn't she need me? Surely she's not big enough to do this on her own! Doesn't she want to turn around and have me reassure her? She might have well been ziplining to college. 

She went twice. 

Meanwhile, in baby land, Amber was arranging a marriage between Ruth and Graham. He's a pretty handsome kid, so naturally Ruthie hits him on the head a lot. 


One day, Graham Cracker will be impressed. For now, it's this face every time he's not in his mom's arms: 

Who are you, and why is my mom not holding me?

Who are you, and why is my mom not holding me?

So, clearly, we had a great time. I was happy that I got to hang out with Amber the whole day before all of this. She took me out to see a movie I was without kids. It was heaven. We both agreed that we would have been happy to just have sat down and talked for hours and hours. I'm sad that I STILL don't have a picture with her. I did manage to get one of her while I was testing out the lighting outside... I wanted to post it but she's having quite the intimate moment with a cookie so we'll just keep it between her and her Oreo. ;)

Still, she got one of all of us, and that makes me happy.