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Happy Birthday Recap

Carrie Chapman2 Comments

The last few birthdays I had were a little... tough? I mean, they were fine but for years I've planned my own day and forced my own fun and this year I was too tired. I told Scott all I wanted was to wake up to a clean house. That's it. And he did! And then he did more and more...

First, it was breakfast. I hate breakfast in bed because there always ends up being dishes that I have to clean up by the time I get out of bed! So Scott went out and got breakfast instead (and we ate it on paper plates haha). He also gave me a few presents, my favorite being a tri-pod! 

Scott told me that Georgia picked out these flowers for me: 

Later, I got to hit my salon and get a spa pedicure and manicure. I love chatting with my hairstylist and she has these ridiculous nails that make leg massages feel like you've died and gone to heaven. 

 Seriously, you need to go to the Beauty Bar on Tejon downtown Colorado Springs. Ask for Angie and tell her Carrie sent you ;)

Seriously, you need to go to the Beauty Bar on Tejon downtown Colorado Springs. Ask for Angie and tell her Carrie sent you ;)

Pretty toes make me so happy. When my feet are pretty I feel like "I got it together from my head to the bottom of my heels." 

The whole day, I was told that we were going to go out to a play later that night. Scott told me that we WEREN'T going out after all. In fact, he said, he needed me to go out and shop with my Target gift card. I did not ask any questions. 

He texted me after a while and gave me an address to go to! I was lead to a block full of hotels and a couple of restaurants. I figured that we were going out to eat so I was standing in Outback Steakhouse like an idiot, calling Scott. Turns out I was supposed to go to a hotel across the street. I heard Ruthie crying in the background so I figured he got us a family hotel room and we were going to swim and stuff! To my surprise, 5 of my best friends were waiting for me! There was no big "surprise!" instead, it was like the clown car, with each friend popping out from around the corner one at a time! 

Scott had organized the whole thing! Complete with chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, a giant chocolate cake, and a mini fridge full of Diet Coke. What a guy. 

Georgia got a piece of cake, but also decided to lick the chocolate out of the cake lid! 

In the end, only Meredith was able to spend the night, but that doesn't mean that we didn't all have fun chatting. I needed some girl time! 

Meredith and I slept in (!) and hung around until we finally got out of the hotel and out to breakfast. ...I mean it was 1pm so I guess it was more of a siesta? Whatever it was, it was delicious. 

Later that Saturday night, Scott and I went out to see a melodrama at Iron Springs Chateau. I love melodramas! I think they are so fun and hilarious! Scott had never been to one so it was really fun. We even had dinner beforehand... in a room full of taxidermy watching us haha

Overall, I just felt so loved. And hopeful. I was so anxious about my birthday this year. I felt old and could see all the places in my life where I was stuck. But this last weekend felt less like a celebration of the years past, and more of a kick-off of things to come. Bring it on, life.